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RP1001 2X One Step RT-PCR Mix

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RP1001 2X One Step RT-PCR Mix

Price: $110.00
RP1001(50 rnxs)

Product Introduction

The 2X One Step RT-PCR Mix is a one-step kit for reverse transcription and endpoint PCR. It amplifies RNA target sequences with gene-specific primers (GSP). Optimized buffer components enable reverse transcription and PCR reactions to be performed within one system. The mixture is provided in a single tube at 2X concentration, which is simple and convenient to use, only GSP and template RNA need to be added to use, and no additional capping and pipetting operations are required, which not only saves time, but also effectively reduces the risk of contamination. This product contains heat labile DNase, which can remove genomic DNA at the same time when reverse transcription. Heat labile DNase is susceptible to high temperature inactivation and is conducive to stable preservation of cDNA or amplification reactions.


1-STEP reverse transcription and endpoint PCR


All-in-one master mix, easy to use and saving time

Heat labile DNase, remove genomic DNA and be inactivated thoroughly at high temperature of PCR

High efficiency of reverse transcription and PCR

Experimental Cases




(50 rxns)

2X One Step RT-PCR Mix

1.25 ml

RNase-free ddH2O

1 ml


Storage Condition

Store at -20°C 

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