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P2801 Direct Multiplex Probe qPCR Mix Plus U

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P2801 Direct Multiplex Probe qPCR Mix Plus U

Price: $55.40~4300.00
P2801(1 mL) P2802(1 mL×5) P2803(50 mL) P2804(100 mL)

Product Introduction

Direct Multiplex Probe qPCR Mix Plus U is a 2× concentrated premix for unpurified sample real-time quantitative PCR with probe method. It requires only the addition of primer, probe and sample, such as blood, swab and tissue homogenate, and the qPCR can be performed simply and directly. This product contains antibody technology modified Hotstart Taq DNA polymerase. Combined with GDSBio's special real-time PCR Buffer, it not only efficiently lyses cells to release DNA, but also has a strong tolerance to many inhibitors, allowing multi-probe qPCR reaction. This reagent introduced dUTP/UDG anti-contamination system, which can remove PCR products containing dUTP before PCR reaction, effectively avoid the influence of cross contamination of amplification products on quantification. This product is convenient for preparation of IVD molecular diagnostic kit. The target gene quantification is accurate, reliable and reproducible. This product can be used with TaqMan and other fluorescent probes, and is perfectly compatible with common quantitative PCR instruments, such as ABI, Roche, Bio-rad, etc.


• Probe gene expression analysis with unpurified sample


• Direct PCR technology helps save time and cost

• This kit is suitable for Multiplex fluorescence quantification by probe method

• This kit is compatible with many real-time systems

• Hot-start technology brings high specificity and reproducible amplification

dUTP/UDG system, effectively prevent PCR product contamination

Experimental Cases

Human cheek swab and hair follicle samples were directly tested for 3-plex amplification, respectively, and compared with supplier T. The results showed that GDSBio performed better in terms of sensitivity and multiple amplification.








2× Direct Multiplex Probe qPCR Mix Plus U

1 ml

1 ml × 5

50 ml

100 ml

Nuclease-free Water

1 ml

1 ml × 5



Storage Condition

Store at -20°C 

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