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K031 DSPath NGS Multiplex PCR Master Mix II

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K031 DSPath NGS Multiplex PCR Master Mix II

Price: $169.00~700.00
K031-A(80 rxns) K031-B(400 rxns)

Product Introduction

DSPath NGS Multiplex PCR Master Mix is a multiplex PCR premix for NGS (high throughput sequencing) library preparation, which is applicable for pathogenic microorganisms detection. This product contains various components required for multiplex PCR reactions (except primers and templates). The hotstart high-fidelity DNA polymerase has the characteristics of low mismatch rate and good specificity, and is suitable for Panel multiplicities up to 1000. The optimized buffer system reduces the inhibition of multiple sample interferences on amplification, and is suitable for DNA amplification of various samples such as blood, nose/throat swab, virus culture, etc. DSPath NGS Multiplex PCR Master Mix can quickly complete the amplification library.


pathogenic microorganism tNGS; cancer gene tNGS; genetic disease tNGS; scientific research


Excellent amplification performance: low mismatch rate and high specificity, capable of conducting super multiple amplification to construct high-quality DNA libraries.

Easy to use: all-in-one master mix, reducing operation and saving time in library preparation.

Wide applicability: compatible with various samples such as blood, nasal / throat swabs, viral cultures, and is widely used in pathogenic microorganism detection, cancer gene detection, scientific research, and other fields.

Experimental Cases

The DNA pathogen library constructed using GDSBio DSPath NGS Multiplex PCR Master Mix was tested using 480-plex pathogen panel, with a target read detection rate of 65 %, significantly higher than other similar products; the ratio of primer dimer reads is as low as 2.5 %, significantly lower than other similar products; at the same time, the homogeneity of the library is good.

1703127945027.jpg       1703127951102.jpg        1703127956827.jpg

Fig. 1 Detection rate of target reads          Fig. 2 Proportion of primer dimer                  Fig. 3 Homogeneity of the Library




(80 rxns)


(400 rxns)

DSPath NGS Multiplex PCR Master Mix , 2X

1 mL

5 mL

Storage Condition

Store at -20°C. 

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